We want people to be successful at taiko, whether that's with us or through other performing arts groups. So here are some resources that may be of interest:
👯Learning choreography from Okami Taiko's Youtube Channel
🎥Desia's interactive How to Taiko: Eisa Basics 101 Tutorials
👋Desia's How to Kachashi Tutorial
👟Where to buy tabi, tekko or eisa taiko drums online (ships from Japan)
🪣DYI your own bucket odaiko or styrofoam bachi

Other Eisa/Taiko Groups in the Midwest you should know about!
🧀Wisconsin Eisa (previously known as Madison West High School's Taiko Drumming Club or Okinawan Taiko Drummers of Wisconsin)
🦡UW Madison's Anaguma Eisa (Disbanded, but still amazing to check out!)
👘Madison Japanese Taiko Drumming Group Beni Daiko
🥋Milwaukee Taiko Group Hibiki
🥁Chicago St. Matthew's Creative Eisa Team Chimu Don Don Chicago
Here are some funny gems related to taiko!
What if getting into your taiko uniform was a magical transformation?
Watch a dramatic retelling (in the style of Drunk History) of a taiko story time with Desia. 
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