Okami Taiko is a performing arts group located in Madison, WI. They perform a modern variation of eisa, a traditional and dynamic folk dance from the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa, Japan. In it’s essence, Okami Taiko is a club of friends who share a passion for learning and performing eisa.
Eisa is a dynamic festival dance originating from the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa, Japan. Eisa consists of taiko drums, martial arts and dynamic dance to musical accompaniment. Okami Taiko specifically practices modern eisa, where choreography is performed to prerecorded sound tracks. 
Okami Taiko's mission is to create a fun, positive, creative and safe community through eisa. We strive to practice, share and spread the love of Okinawan taiko. 

Members of Okami Taiko pose in the Overture Center Hall after performing on stage for the
2024 Overture Center International Festival
The OT Backstory
Okami Taiko was founded by Desia Xiong in 2017 at Madison College as a club. It's name is in honor of the Wolfpack mascot with "Ōkami" meaning wolf, and "Taiko" meaning drum. Okami Taiko thrived in the Madison College community, having regular practices, performances, club collaborations and even winning Outstanding Club of the Year in 2020. 
When the pandemic hit in spring of 2020, Okami Taiko took a break from in-person activity, discontinuing it's club status at Madison College. There were occasional online taiko practices, graduating into outside in-person taiko practices at a local Madison park. Around this time was when Okami Taiko officially became it's own entity. As taiko practices transitioned to being more in-person, Okami Taiko utilized practice space at the Goodman Community Center, and officially found a home at MYArts in the fall of 2022.
What do the colors mean?
The blue & white bachi (drum sticks with flag) are reminiscent of our Madison College history.
The red, yellow and purple of our uniform are evocative of Okinawa bingata, an ancient Ryukyuan dyeing technique.

Watch Okami Taiko's Demo Reel!
What is Eisa?
Okami Taiko is an eisa dance group located in Madison, WI. Eisa is a dynamic festival dance originating from the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa, Japan. It incorporates taiko drums, dynamic movements and martial arts. In contrast to main-land taiko drumming, eisa dancers carry their drums on their persons at all times. 
Traditional eisa will include taiko drums, one or more sanshin (3 string instrument) players and a singer. Okami Taiko practices modern eisa, dancing and drumming to recorded music. 
Meet Our Drummers!
Desia Xiong
President & Founder
15 Years Taiko Experience
Maggie Xiong
12 Years Taiko Experience
Walter Yang
9 Years Taiko Experience
Elizabeth Varela-Montes
6 Years Taiko Experience
Daphne Lemus
5 Years Taiko Experience
Meghan Turner
1 Year Taiko Experience
Yimlaj Yang
11 Years Taiko Experience, Retired
Vinh Tang
8 Years Taiko Experience
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